Hey there! I’m Nick Synodis. I’m an entrepreneur, a writer, a consultant, a yogi, a Spotify nerd, an Australian Shepherd-loving goofball, Black Belt (well, in Lean Six Sigma, not taekwando) and a bunch of other things. I’ve spent a number of years running a successful small business, creating and teaching courses, optimizing business processes, and learning how I can make the biggest impact doing something I love.

I created Day Optimized to do just that. I want to help people get more out of their day, every day, without extra effort. By applying cutting-edge management principles and tools to daily life, I can help you “trim the fat” from your day, get the right work done (and get it done faster), make your work higher quality, and focus on the things you actually want to do and achieve your goals ten times as fast as you would otherwise. My hope is that Day Optimized will help you create freedom in your life to play, create, and live without worry.

Let me help you make tomorrow better than today, and the next day even better than that! I’m readily available to consult for individuals, startups, and small businesses. Contact me for more information.